If you started high school in Ontario before September 1999, your previous work and life experiences may qualify you for maturity credits.


How many maturity credits can I earn?

You may be recommended for up to 12 maturity credits.


Are there other ways to earn equivalent credits?

Mature students may be able to receive equivalent credit allowances for certain courses and training programs outside secondary school. For example:

  • successful completion of courses not usually considered secondary school subjects (this could be certification or designation in a specific program that required a minimum of 110 hours of instruction or training)
  • successful completion of each period of an apprenticeship program (e.g., electrician, hairdresser or mechanic)
Can I earn my diploma with maturity or equivalent credits?

No, a mature student must still complete a minimum of four Grade 11 or Grade 12 credits after becoming a mature student. These must include a senior English credit. A maturity credit assessment will tell you exactly how many more credits you need.


How do I qualify for a mature student assessment?

Complete a Maturity Credit Assessment form (available at your local Learning Centre). You will be required to provide a copy of your resume and your school records.


What if I have no school records?

Please contact your last high school to obtain a copy of your high school transcript. If you have completed courses that you think will qualify for equivalency credits, contact the institution where you took the courses to obtain the records. You will need documentation that describes the course, the number of course hours and your successful completion of the course.


Is there a cost for Maturity/Equivalency evaluation?

There is a no fee for the assessment.