Homestay Hosts Needed: International Education Program

Homestay Hosts Needed for our International Education Program


When we welcome international students into our schools, our programs benefit, our community benefits, and local students get life-changing Canadian experiences that positively shape their world views.


Without you, we can't deliver this exciting program.

You can help by inviting international students to stay with your family while they study in our community.


To support our homestay families, we've partnered with the Canada Homestay Network (CHN), a not-for-profit, family-run, Canadian business that's been a leader in homestay since 1995. CHN provides cultural and first-language support to hosts 24x7 and an allowance to help offset expenses.


 What you provide:


1. Access to nutritious meals and snacks

2. Utilities, Internet, and laundry access

3. A private bedroom, desk, and closet

4. A patient, caring, and friendly Canadian family home atmosphere!


For more information about being a Canada Homestay Network host on behalf of our schools, please visit