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 Wasaga Beach

​New this year, we opened the Wasaga Beach Learning Centre. This Centre is run in partnership with a number of other community organizations to support adults in achieving their learning goals. 

Programs offered include:

Customer Service Skills - Soft Skills Solutions

Learn more about the skills that will help you compete and advance in today's job market. This program is approximately 25-30 hours in length, and covers important topics that will give you confidence and a competitive edge at your next job.

Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin'-By World is a book and a 16-session curriculum that helps individuals in challenging life circumstances, build their resources for a more prosperous life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Basic Computer Skills

Free training to help you develop the computer skills needed for success in the workplace and everyday life.

Educational Support: Support for eLearning and Correspondence Credit Courses

The Centre has an instructor available to support students with their learning. Whether a student is taking a secondary school eLearning course or correspondence course the instructor is there for guidance. In addition, there are computers available for students to complete their work.

Skills Upgrading

Do you want your high school diploma, a better job or increased independence? Do you struggle with computer skills, math, understanding what you read, filling in documents, time management or problem solving? Do you want to upgrade these skills?


Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is the formal evaluation and credit-granting process whereby students may obtain credits for prior learning. Prior learning includes the knowledge and skills that students have acquired, in both formal and informal ways, outside secondary school.