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Parents as Partners Program

Helping children succeed in school and in life

Parents as Partners

The goals of Parents as Partners are:

  • To increase parenting capacity
  • To decrease child abuse and family violence
  • To strengthen families and build family resiliency
  • To promote positive parental involvement at school

What do our programs aim to achieve?

  • Programs help parents develop understanding, knowledge, skills and specific techniques that can be used at home to support and encourage the healthy development of their child.
  • Parents find useful information and strategies to help their children succeed at school. They discover ways to build a positive relationship with their child's school.
  • Parents gain deeper understanding of how they can achieve greater success in their own personal lives by applying the principles discussed. Parents build their own skills in the areas of self-esteem, responsibility, relating effectively, problem solving, anger management and conflict resolution.
  • Parents find a friendly supportive environment where concerns can be discussed, friendships made, ideas exchanged and further resources and referrals made available as needed.

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What is Triple P?

Triple P stands for ‘Positive Parenting Program'

Triple P aims to build positive behaviours in children, confidence in parents' abilities, and community support for raising children. Triple P is really a whole “system” of support for parents because it is designed to offer as much or as little help as parents may want. 

From reading a Tip Sheet on a particular problem, to attending a Seminar or Group Course, or taking individual sessions to address more serious issues, Triple P offers a program tailored for each parent. While Triple P is almost always successful in improving child behaviour problems, more than half the program's emphasis is on developing positive attitudes, skills and behaviour. 

This helps prevents problems from arising, and promotes family relationships that encourage children to reach their full potential. Triple P was developed and scientifically proven over 25 years by Dr. Matt Sanders, Professor of Clinical Psychology, and his colleagues at the University of Queensland's Parenting and Family Support Centre. 

Dr. Sanders has gained international recognition for his research on the role of parenting in the prevention and treatment of behaviour problems in children. Triple P is now being used in many countries around the world. Triple P continues to be constantly researched as it is introduced in new countries.

The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is an approach that promotes good communication and strong relationships between parents and children.

At a Triple P session you’ll discover and talk over new ways to build the relationship between you and your child, ways to achieve good behaviour and how to handle misbehaviour, especially when faced with difficult situations.

Triple P is a well researched parenting package which creates excellent outcomes for parents and children and it has a successful record with families from minority ethnic groups.

See the parenting schedule above for dates of Triple P programs Adult and Continuing Education offers.

This program is available at the following locations: